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The Chinese car maker Landwind is making his first moves on the European market with a fully approved MPV, the Landwind CV9.
The Landwind CV9, developped in Europe, with German technique and build in China, is imported in Europe by LWMC Europe.
Other vehicles in A, B and C segment are ready for production and will be introduced to the European market after a succesful introduction of the Landwind CV9.

As from September 2011, All Automotive Consulting bvba is in charge of developping a dealer network for Landwind in Belgium. At this time, 9 dealers are ready to sell the vehicles to the customers and the goal is to be able to present the Landwind vehicles to the customer throughout 25 outlets.

A first presentation to the press and the public during Brussels Motorshow, January 2012, was very positive, reassuring us that Landwind will take his place on the Belgian market.

To obtain more information about Landwind in Belgium, please to contact us through the tab Contact. 

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